Portfolio promotion material

A bit of blatant self promotion. I’ve been playing around with different ways to market myself and showcase my portfolio. Here’s a possible print, with selfportrait. Enjoy!

(the swedish translates to: Hello! My name is Lina Strömquist and I do graphic design and illustration.)


Avatars – Filter film/Ericsson

Quick update. At the moment I’m working on a project for Filter film, end-client Ericsson. Mainly supplying graphics as well as working on the storyboard. Here’s a preview of three avatars which I’ve made.

Rubik's and lego

Rubiks cubes

A sketch of two Rubik’s cubes, a grown-up (possibly a parent) and a kid and a happy lego dog.

I wanted to work with color and simple shapes as well as a simple narrative. It all started out with me doodling a Rubik’s cube and giving it a face. I started to think of situations the cube would find himself in and thought it would be funny if he had a pet. I thought a single piece of lego with a face would be both fun and suitable. Further I thought it would be funny if there were two cubes a grown-up and a kid, as if the kid was getting a new pet.

Coming soon…

Soon the blog will be up and running. It will feature news, current projects, sketches and doodles.